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About Us

Hello Mister Frank is a young, multi-disciplinary creative studio based in Cape Town, South Africa and run by Frank Conradie. Utilising various mediums and artistic styles that fit any project, Frank collaborates with leading brands and agencies locally and globally.


Hello Mister Frank is represented in Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Austria, Hungary and Switzerland by UMER ARTISTS AGENCY
Contact Agent - Mitja Umer - info@umer.si
+386 41 975 990

Expertise & Skills

The focus is on bringing characters to life, always aiming to bring a smile to your face.

Every project is approached in a unique way while exploring different techniques and executions. At Hello Mister Frank we are fluent with a variety of styles and disciplines. Whether you need 3D characters for an animation, beautiful typography for an editorial piece or vector artwork for web or print applications, we will help you determine which style would suit your project the best.


Nike, Reebok, Brooks, McDonalds, Minga Berlin, Vida e Caffe, Obrigado Magazine, Ogojiii Magazine, Russian Bear, Woolworths, Essie Letterpress, Over Inc.

Work with Us

Have an upcoming project you need help with? Hello Mister Frank would love to collaborate with you! 

Get in touch with Frank using the contact form to discuss rates, scheduling and more. Or simply send us a mail to hellomrfrank@gmail.com.